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The contemporary art blog Bad At Sports was gracious enough to send writer/curator Sarah Margolis-Pineo to my studio for an interview and window into what’s happening here at MC. Take a look at the publication of our conversation and enjoy what came of an afternoon spent with one of the more thoughtful interviewers I have had come my way.

Most exciting to me was that this conversation gave me the opportunity to share this bit of my personal philosophy around clothing that does not always come up in conversation as much as I would like it to:

A bit of my personal philosophy on clothing that I wanted to share:

“We need to completely scrap that notion that says: if it’s something from last season, it’s out of date, it’s bad, and it shouldn’t be worn anymore. I understand collections being developed seasonally—what a great way to keep work going—but it’s the devaluing of things from the past that I think has to end…There are people who are just horrified by the idea of being seen in the same thing twice. I prefer the opposite. I treasure the fact that I have clothes that were my grandfather’s, and he wore them a million times and now I wear them a million times. This one garment has decades—generations—of history in it, which makes it better than anything brand new. Let’s create our own powerful histories with how we dress.”

MC BadAtSports

Posted April 17th, 2013

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