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The Soundtrack: American Dreaming

Along with feedback about the clothes themselves, I have had great fun hearing such excited reactions to the soundtrack played during my runway showcase last night.

The live music portion of the evening was a special experience for those of you able to be there in person.  The bold and spirited voices of The Chosen Gospel Singers was a blessing like none other to open and close the show.   Their performances of Be Grateful, Pass Me Not and I Go To The Rock will forever be recorded in my mind.

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I’ve had it in my mind for months how to include a gospel choir in this special evening.  I treasure gospel music and celebrate its tenants of love, the warmth of spirit it conveys, and the way it uplifts and heals every time you hear it.

And to elaborate more on the rest of the music from the event – particularly the music playing while the collection showed – I will be sharing a series of posts that aim to tell you about each track, why I chose it, and how it inspires and connects to the collection.  Consider this a follow-up walkthrough of the new work and the soundtrack that inspired it in such a big way.

And away we roll!

Michael Cepress American Dreaming Collection Launch Soundtrack

River Boulevard – Lamb (Bring Out The Sun, 1971)

Can You Get To That – Funkadelic (Maggot Brain, 1971)

Hold On Its Coming – Country Joe and the Fish (Hold On Its Coming, 1971)

Trust Me – Janis Joplin (Pearl, 1971)

Closer To The Ground – Joy of Cooking (Closer To The Ground, 1971)

Woodstock – Crosby, Stills and Nash (Déjá Vu, 1970)

Stop Breaking Down – The Rolling Stones (Exile on Main Street, 1972)

Twentieth Century Fox – The Doors (The Doors, 1967)

Play On Love – Jefferson Starship (Red Octopus, 1975)

Silver Train – The Rolling Stones (Goat’s Head Soup, 1973)

Peace Frog – The Doors (Morrison Hotel, 1970)

Volunteers – Jefferson Airplane (Volunteers, 1969)

Song For Judith (Open The Door) – Judy Collins (Living, 1971)

Posted June 23rd, 2013

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