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American Dreaming Soundtrack: River Boulevard

American Dreaming Soundtrack

Track No.1 River Boulevard     Lamb (Bring Out The Sun, 1971)

In late winter I came across a film called Last Days of the Fillmore, a documentary from  1970 sharing the story of legendary rock promoter Bill Graham and his last days at the venue that came to make him and the sound he endorsed so famous.  My research into the counterculture of the 1960s and 1970s has been not just steady, but aggressively intent on digging deeply and finding treasures that reach miles beyond oldies radio, Google searches and coffee table picture books.

This film not only highlights many of my favorite musicians and shows the scene that was so alive and aesthetically vibrant at the time, but also showed me the unknown band Lamb.  Lead singer Barbara Mauritz is transcendent with her vocals, and the beautiful gospel piano intro served as the perfect segue between the sweet live singing of The Chosen Gospel Singers and the recorded sounds of the era that inspired the collection.

The lyrics ask, “Isn’t it just a beautiful day?”…. and indeed it is!

Queue up this video at 6:45 to here Barbara Mauritz and Lamb perform the track, or better yet sit back and enjoy the entire film.  Its a treasure.

Posted June 24th, 2013

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