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American Dreaming Soundtrack: Hold On Its Coming

American Dreaming Soundtrack

Track No3 – Hold On Its Coming – Country Joe and the Fish (Hold On Its Coming, 1971)

Those of you that have followed my work in the past year have certainly heard me speak at length about Alexandra Jacopetti’s book Native Funk and Flash – the true written gospel, heartbeat and font of inspiration for the many projects floating around my studio.  Upon meeting Alexandra and becoming her friend, I have been able to hear first hand stories from a woman that was truly in the heart of the counterculture scene in the bay area when it was all taking shape and at its peak.

The success of her book led Alexandra to staging a traveling exhibition of the works in the book, which also featured a sound element by way of a soundtrack that played in the gallery amidst the works.  Her then-husband Roland Jacopetti, a late-night radio man, crafted a track list of recordings from the scene that evoked the sound and ethos of their hippie tribe, mixed in with whale and bird songs, traditional music from all corners of the world, and this cut from Country Joe and the Fish.  The rhythmic strum of the guitar and hand-claps bring me to see dozens of beautiful young long-haired beauties holding hands to dance around a fire, celebrating their authentically beautiful natural selves.

This song is my kind of aesthetic romance, my kind of daydream.

Posted June 26th, 2013

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