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American Dreaming Soundtrack: Closer To The Ground

American Dreaming Soundtrack

Track No.5: Closer to the Ground – The Joy of Cooking (Closer To The Ground, 1971)

Every track on this playlist carries special meaning for me, but this one might take first place.  Upon unearthing a rare copy of a film called The Saga at Macrame Park which documents Alexandra (Jacopetti) Hart’s making of a children’s park in Bolinas, California entirely made of hand-woven macrame rope, I was hipped to this incredible song.  The band Joy of Cooking featuring unmistakably potent vocals by Terry Garthwaite and Toni Brown is one that will forever be at the heart of the collection for me – this song of theirs not only blessed the runway but also served as the backbeat of the Kickstarter campaign that helped make it all possible.

Its groove is infectious, and its message rings so true today – some 40 years after its release.  Go ahead and use this moment as a chance to sink yourself into the rhythm of a great band a message that wants you to not get too tied to the things that hold you back or get you wrapped up in what doesn’t truly matter.  “Get DOWN, a little closer to the ground…”

Posted June 28th, 2013

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