Michael Cepress

American Flags and American Dreaming

The 4th of July can’t help but call for a post about this series of one of a kind pieces I created for my newest collection.  For the better part of the last year I have been collecting and carefully choosing antique hand-sewn American flags to include in this collection.  In the final week before the runway event, I took various styles from the collection and reinterpreted them with these flags as my material.  The power of bold symbols like the American flag fascinate and excite me – how we as a culture see them, feel them and think about them allows this simple configuration of red white and blue cloth to carry decades of history and energy.

Prior to working with the flags and bringing them new life as garments, I spent time with a close and deeply spiritual friend who helped me cleanse and bless the flags, leaving them in a grotto for a week and then rinsing them by hand on the shores of Puget Sound as an act of respect for their previous life and a mark of the beginning of their new life as works of art.



Posted July 4th, 2013

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