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Military Shirt Jacket

Next up is a piece from the collection that I designed to be worn by both men and women: the Military Shirt Jacket.

In a climate that calls for a little more than a shirt and little less than a jacket, the MC shirt jacket is a Northwest staple. But this piece is about more than just function. The olive drab and military cut are my nod to every guy who was fortunate enough to return home from the Vietnam War. With nothing more than their fatigues, a gig bag, and a small roll of cash in hand, they were back home, they were bruised, and forced to learn how to smile again. Some took their style to the streets, invigorating it with a new aesthetic: patches and embroidery on military styles became the symbol of a new army focused on love and brotherhood. Following their lead, I’m now doing the same. Let this blank slate be your chance to create a new reality through the way you dress.




100% Cotton Twill with brass buckle
Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL

For more information, to place an order or arrange a visit to our studio:
info@michaelcepress.com  206.334.7602

Posted July 24th, 2013

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