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Best Men’s Wear Design in Seattle | Seattle Weekly

I’m honored to be featured in the “Best Of Seattle” issue of the Seattle Weekly, and named Best Menswear Designer! And they did printed a wonderful illustration of me to boot! Thank you Seattle Weekly anBrooklyn Benjestorf for the very thoughtful writeup!

Seattle Weekly

It requires a special touch for a design, when creating a collection, to balance a thought-provoking message with accessibility.  Michael Cepress’ recent American Dreaming collection, released in June, does just that, placing a considered emphasis on wearability without compromising his inspiration.  Appearing at first glance an homage to the hippie counterculture of the 60s and ’70s, the collection actually bears a depth of storied reference – from Victorian and Civil War-era style to the bohemian fashions of the ’20s, with elements from Japan and India sprinkled throughout.  Steeped in history, Cepress’ line was created with the intention of giving people the option of wearing their philosophies on their sleeve; it’s informed by his desire   to revisit a time “where love and equality and inspiration and passion were at the root of everything,” he tells Seattle Weekly.  American Dreaming seeks to convey that the things we wear carry meaning, and to enable us to recall a richness of thought that is missing from our overcommericialized world.  Cepress accomplishes this by scaling back on the hyper-structured style of his previous collections, loosening up the silhouette a bit, and utilizing comfortable, touchable fabrics.  All in all, Cepress succeeded in delivering a line that is down-to-earth enough to inspire folks to feel confident wearing his pieces off the runway while they contemplate a progressive history of empathy. 

Seattle Weekly – August 6, 2013


Posted August 7th, 2013

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