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MC at Carnegie Hall

Seattle Symphony Carnegie Hall Tour

After months of hard work and joyful creative collaboration, I am so pleased to share the fruits of my recent work with Seattle Symphony.  Invited to join creative forces for their premier at the Spring for Music Festival at Carnegie Hall, I was presented with the exciting challenge of bringing color and a fresh wardrobe addition to the stage.  In keeping with the ocean color themes of composer John Luther Adams’ Pulitzer-Prize winning piece “Become Ocean,” I designed a special color palette of lively blue and aqua tones, brought onto the stage by way of a set of carefully hand-dyed silk scarves, neckties and pocket squares for the members of the orchestra.  I am glad to have had an opportunity to use a bit of style in this unique way to highlight the exceptional talents of these 104 musicians.

“It was a great pleasure to work with Michael on this project.  He really understood our unique circumstances and perspective and had the artistic vision and flexibility to guide us through to the absolute perfect outcome. The orchestra looked fabulous!” – Jennifer Adair, Vice-President, Seattle Symphony.

Carnegie Hall photos courtesy of photographer Brandon Patoc.


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Michael Cepress Dresses the Seattle Symphony

Dressed to Impress at Carnegie Hall

Seattle Symphony and “Ocean” Play to Adoring Crowd at Carnegie Hall.

Seattle Symphony’s Ocean Voyage


Samples of the hand-dyed silk scarves, neckties and pocket squares worn on stage by 104 musicians at Cargnegie Hall.  Seattle-based dyer Kellie Dunn was an essential asset to Seattle Symphony and Cepress in the making of this very special accessory collection.

MC Press Photo_Credit- Nate Gowdy Photography-2 Small

Cepress in his Seattle studio amidst a sea of carefully dyed silks for Seattle Symphony.
Photo: Nate Gowdy

Posted June 17th, 2014

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