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Wearable Art and the Body – Take 1

I’m so pleased to be leaning into another exciting weekend with our exciting Wearable Art and the Body Workshop later this month. In an effort to begin breathing some life back into this blog, I want to share some highlights from our last workshop to keep the spirit and pleasure of it all in the air and on the books.

I developed this experience with one substantial guiding principle leading the charge: In order to create art or design for the body, we must first know the body….and know it well.

To make this all seem more feasible – more manageable – I’ve drawn up this two-day workshop to help us all move through the challenges (and pleasures!) of studying and celebrating the human body. Our first weekend together back in February was a great success and wonderful thrill. We’re anxious to be doing it all over again on May 28 and 29.

Please drop a line if you’re interested in being part of it all this time around!
Email: info@michaelcepress.com

Workshop participants warming up for a full day of figure studies.

Posted May 16th, 2011

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