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Celebrating Our FLOCK OF BIRDS | Summer Solstice

I’m so very thrilled to reflect and celebrate our fantastic Flock of Birds from the Fremont Solstice Parade this past weekend. The photos are spilling in (thanks to our resident bird photographer Jon) and we’re all proud of the work we did, the dancing we loved, the smiles we wore and the brother/sisterhood that is inevitable when a band of open-minded and fun-thinking folks get together to make magic and celebrate the beginning of summer. Enjoy this series of portraits of each of our wonderful birds.

Handsome Vincent as Pegassus.

Rosie in her fabulous fuscia and black.

Michael celebrating his inner-diva as Cybirg.

Yours truly as a peacock, replete with bird spats, hip chains, ankle bells and glorious body paint by Marko.

Mr. Marko as a Plaid Bird, and also swooping in as another driver and creative consultant to the flock.

Our lovely and lively chauffeur and driver of the chicken truck…. Louise the Bird Watcher!

Jules as a Crow….quite possibly the happiest crow I’ve ever seen!

Jeremy with his traveling sideshow as LoveBird.

Danny reconnected with his goth mistress to create this sexy bird of the night.

And then we DANCED!

Another wonderful addition to our bird flock…Kirsten as a Blue Footed Boobie. So glad she was able to join us!

Happy Solstice, friends. Summer is here!

Posted June 23rd, 2010

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