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Clothes for Cepress are culturally coded expressions of rarified desire. His work is rooted in the 19th-century conception of the dandy, a type Charles Baudelaire commended as ‘sublime without interruption,’ he who ‘lives and sleeps before a mirror.’
– Regina Hackett, Art Critic, Seattle Post-Intelligencer

Counterculture meets haute couture is where you will find Seattle-based designer Michael Cepress. Drawing from remarkably similar traditions that celebrate material splendor, honor handcraft, and defy convention, Cepress has cultivated a signature voice in the field of fashion that brings together ideology and aesthetic. In an industry that prioritizes obsolete over heirloom, disguise over transparency, Cepress counters with designs that speak to world-making through hand-making, bringing a bit of humanity back to fashion, one hand-stitch at a time.
– Sarah Margolis-Pineo, Curator, Museum of Contemporary Craft

He is an artist and a craftsman, and one who gets the cultural and historical messages clothing can send…
– Ries Niemi, Artist