Michael Cepress



“The most exciting thing about clothing is that if it fits right, and helps you feel your best you are instantly going to be conveying that sort of confidence to everyone you meet on the street.” – Michael Cepress

Our tailoring and alterations services are designed to not only help you make certain your wardrobe fits you as beautifully as possible, but it will also guide you to a more confident and self-assured sense of yourself.

The experienced eye of Michael Cepress and his team of highly skilled tailors and dressmakers will guarantee quality workmanship and excellent fit in every project.  We welcome mens, women’s and childrens alterations and tailoring projects of all sorts.

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With 10 years experience as a professional clothing designer and an additional 8 years experience as an Instructor in Design and Art at the University of Washington, Michael Cepress offers services to consult you on how to make your body, your style, your individuality and your wardrobe live in perfect harmony.  How you present yourself to the world can come to make a remarkable impact on your life, and we offer a hand in helping you maximize the potential of that exciting opportunity.

Work one on one with the designer and his team to develop a style that suits you.  Learn to create a strategy for how you dress and convey yourself to the world around you.  Learn to celebrate your best features and use your clothing to ensure you are always putting your best foot forward.

Cepress’ kind and open-minded approach to style and fashion will help you maximize the opportunity to strengthen the foundation of your wardrobe and your sense of yourself through clothing.


Michael Cepress wears the hat of not only a designer, but also an educator.  He has been an instructor in the School of Art at the University of Washington since 2004.  At the university he has taught classes in Fiber Arts and Textiles as well as developed the curriculum for his course titled Wearable Art and the Body.  Most recently his research interests have led him to create Counter-Couture: Fashion and Style in the American Counterculture of the 1960s and 1970s, a course taught in both the School of Art and the Comparative History of Ideas program at UW.

Cepress also serves on the Advisory Board for the UW Professional and Continuing Education Program’s Certificates in both Fiber Art and Fashion.  He has been one of 3 instructors leading the Fiber Arts Certificate since its inception in 2006.  He has also taught with the Summer Youth Program at UW, bringing his college-level courses to elementary and middle school students eager to explore the Arts.

Outside of the university Cepress teaches workshops and short courses independently through his design studio, as well as Pratt Fine Arts Center in Seattle.